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Recording Studio in Beverly Hills

The Recording Studio in Beverly Hills

“Up La Brea” studios is the newest modern 24/7 Recording Studio in Beverly Hills the heart of Los Angeles. The location is only minutes from Beverly Hills and Hollywood. We are the first recording studio to ever accept crypto as a form of payment. Our studios is designed to meet the needs of major record labels, yet still accessible to independent artist.
Our main goal is to provide an elite recording experience, while maintaining privacy, comfortability, safety, and allowing artist and musicians to focus on creating. “Up La Brea” aims to advance the culture of recording studios in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles community and establish itself as one of the most influential recording studios of all  time.
We understand the importance of the atmosphere an artist needs while creating. We strive to treat all artists and musicians, both developing and well-known, across all genres, with the same amount of care and attention. We are dedicated to curating the best experience for every artist that we work with. This Recording Studio in Beverly Hills are mostly known for our diamond room studio that was designed be legendary studio architect Kris Bentley.

The Facility

Our 2,200 sq ft facility allows you to be placed into a creative vibe soon as you enter. The Purple painted walls complemented with custom paintings of legendary musicians hanging through out the building sets the tone for inspiration as artist walk through the hallways. Our lobby has an exotic soda machine as well as exotic snack machine for our guest convenience. This Recording Studio in Beverly Hills have runners on site to assist our clients for their local needs of their choice while they remain focused in their studio sessions.
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Up La Brea Studios

The Rooms

“Up La Brea” Recording Studio in Beverly Hills offers four primary recording spaces acoustically isolated with great lines of sight for easy visual communication. The 4 room studio is the perfect setup for creating. Each room is encompassed with its on unique energy that brings the light out of all artist that enter. Each space is pleasing and topped off with nostalgia and contemporary vibes. Our audio engineers record a large diverse group of.

The Neighborhood

Los Angeles is the destination for recording artists around the world. Our particular neighborhood is known as “Miracle  Mile” with plenty of night clubs and bars in the area. The surrounding area offers our clients a wide range of services, as well as a large selection of dining and drinking establishments. Our Recording Studio is located 10 min from Beverly Hills and Hollywood were close to downtown and not far from LAX airport .Beverly center Mall Sunset strip , Fairfax and Melrose Crazy girls and Nightgale are close by .
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