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Top Professional Audio la Mixing Services

Need a professional audio mixing service for your next project? Up La Brea Studios delivers an unparalleled sound!

These days, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. In this industry, it helps to have a high-quality product that really sounds good. The sound of your recording says a lot about who you are as an artist.

LA Mixing Services

Online or In-Person LA Mixing Services

Up La Brea’s LA Mixing Services Get your music mixed by some of the best mix engineers in LA. We provide Mixing services at our facility with or without you in attendance. Our rooms are designed for mixing with the highest levels of acoustic performance, our consoles are calibrated regularly and our speakers tuned for the most accurate listening environment. Our engineer’s areas are involved in or as transparent as they need to be. We use a blend of analog equipment and digital plugins to carve, mold, and enhance what is expected of a major release.

What are audio mixing services?

Mixing is a very important part of releasing music. Mixing is a process by which multiple sounds (The Recording) are combined into one or more channels, polished and enhanced. We recommend a minimum of four (4) hours to book a mixing session. The duration of time it takes to mix a song depends on the number of tracks in a session. Mixes can range from  4-6 hours or more to complete. Stereo 2 track mixes tend to take less time to mix simply because there are fewer tracks to mix. If you have all the tracked-out instrument files then the amour of hours needed to mix is usually a bit higher.

With audio mixing services, a talented engineer takes your track and mixes it to perfection. It’s a lot more complicated than just pushing up the faders! A professional mixing engineer will use their skills to make your music sound pristine, without losing any of the power that you intended during the recording process.

Using the right techniques, they’ll tighten the mix that will bring out the best of your song while still ensuring it cuts through on a crowded market and is distinctive and memorable.

What does audio mixing services actually do?

The process of mixing relies on sound manipulation by turning certain sounds up and down. This is the technical definition, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Mixing requires you to look at your music as a whole and ensure that every part works in harmony with the other parts. A great audio engineer can see how all of these elements work together.

Preparing your song for a Mix

Preparing your song for a mix will cut down your overall costs substantially. Here are some tips.

  • Organization for ProTools users– Organize your session files to minimize the decision-making our mix engineers need to make. We are a Protools-based studio so make sure that you are only sending us ProTools sessions. Before sending sessions please delete unused clips, rename files properly, and makes sure that your song is arranged and organized to your liking.
  • Organization using other Daw’s– The best way to transfer files to us is to consolidate every track in your session into one, solid .wav  or .aiff file that starts at bar 1 and ends at the very end of your song. If done correctly, every audio file will line up at the start when our mix engineers import the files into Protools. Hit the link below for instructions on how to export from other popular DAW’s. How to export your song for mixing.

The Mixing Services Process

  • icons8 scales 50Leveling-Leveling is the process of balancing the volume of audio on each individual track. This is the most common starting point and foundation to a great mix. Leveling is simple in its concept but requires skilled engineers to view a song in its entirety and make the best leveling decisions for a mix.
  • icons8 merge 50Enhancing-Enhancing is the process in which an engineer polishes the vocal or instrument of each track. Boosting eq, surgical eq, compression, and many other tools can surely bring out the glitter and shine that consumers desire from commercial releases.
  • icons8 imac 50 1Arrangement-The art of arrangement is the flow of a song from start to finish. It has sections: like an intro, verse, buildup, chorus, breakdown, drop, outro, and more. During the arrangement process, a mix engineer can arrange vocals or instruments to convey the desired emotion in a song.
  • icons8 audible 50Spacial Dimension-Spacial dimension is the process by which an engineer focuses on creating space by panning and modulating the vocals or instruments on each track. Creating space can open a song sonically allowing for a more balanced mix.
  • icons8 astronaut 50Effects Processing-Adding effects to a mix will surely give the song its final touches reverb, delays, and other tools help to shape the mix by creating an atmosphere for the song to exist in. Many great songs are defined by the effects used during mixing.

LA Mixing Services Policies

Our goal at Up La Brea is to provide you with the most unique, high-quality recording experience ever. In order for us to assure convenience and accessibility to all of our clients, it is important that all guests adhere to our recording studio policies.

  • icons8 shortlist 50YOUR MIXING SESSION: Mixing sessions are billed at an hourly rate, there are a minimum of four (4) hours to book a mixing session. If a mix exceeds the four (4) hour minimum additional time can be scheduled to complete the mix.  Mixing can be done with or without the client in attendance. If in attendance, please arrive on time for your scheduled booking as we do not push sessions back for tardiness. If you show up to your session late you will still be charged for the full time scheduled.
  • icons8 esc 50CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations made after the 24-hour deadline will result in a cancellation fee equal to the total amount of the scheduled studio time or a forfeit of deposit/prepayment.
  • icons8 rescheduling a task 50RESCHEDULING POLICY: You are only allowed to reschedule your session one time. Rescheduled sessions after the initial change will result in the forfeit of deposit/prepayment. Any changes made after the 24-hour deadline will result in a cancellation fee equal to the total amount of the scheduled studio time or a forfeit of deposit/prepayment.
  • icons8 last 24 hours 50MISSED APPOINTMENT POLICY: A “missed appointment” is an occurrence where someone does not show up for an appointment and does not cancel the appointment in advance of the scheduled date and time.  If you do not show up for your appointment and you do not cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance, we will record this as a “missed appointment” and will result in a missed appointment fee equal to the total amount of the scheduled studio time or a forfeit of deposit/prepayment
  • icons8 refund 50PAYMENTS AND FEES: We accept major label PO’S, cash, wire transfers, and credit card/debit cards. There is a 4% processing fee when accepting credit card payments. A $15.00 wire transfer fee will be applied to all wire transfers.
  • icons8 cash in hand 50DEPOSITS: A deposit of one-half 50% is required to reserve your scheduled session. The remaining balance is due upon arrival before the start of your session. Payees must provide a valid photo ID along with the credit card used for payment upon arrival. The ID must match the name on the card used for deposit/balance payments. If the person who made the payment is not in attendance or does not have an ID, your deposit will be forfeited unless an alternative method of payment is provided. If a client decides to not attend a mix session,  payment must be made in advance in full.
  • icons8 friends 50YOUR GUESTS: There is a maximum of 3 guests allowed per session in our facility. There are no children or pets allowed in our facility. We will provide you with a guest list to fill out when you arrive. Any additional guests will be asked to leave the facility.
  • icons8 music folder 50YOUR FILES: We are not responsible for your session files, please request your engineer to make time for your files to be sent during your booked time or bring an external hard drive to the session. An $85 fee is required for future session/song transfers beyond booked time.



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