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Welcome to “Up La Brea” recording studios. Our studio has delivered high-quality recordings to independent artists and major record labels worldwide for over twenty years. Enjoy a private, comfortable, professional environment. We are LA’s # 1 recording studio.

If you are in Los Angeles, A quick google search for “a recording studio near me” will display a concentrated cluster of studios in the area offering mix & master services. You might feel overwhelmed, and you should because LA is an international destination location for the recording industry. It was reported in 2016 that LA ranks as the fifth-highest state in the country for recording studios with a whopping 57 studios, and that number has steadily climbed. So what does this mean for you? You need to choose the proper studio and spend your money wisely.

Up La Brea Recording Studios in LA

A quick rundown!
“Up La Brea” made its debut during the popular Latin crossover at the turn of the century in the year 2000. The studio was founded by Grammy-award-winning producer and hit-maker Fabio’ Estefano’ Salgado. In 2015 Up La Brea was reopened under new management to the public! Our goal was to create a high-end medium format boutique recording studio in LA. It is a one-stop show for all musicians who want to take their songs to the next level. Because we are big enough to service A-list musicians and still affordable enough to service independent musicians, we can service any client and welcome all budgets.
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Often, bigger is not always better. Our thoughtfully designed rooms come with all the necessary studio essentials. The vibrancy of “Up La Brea” is unmistakably LA. Our clients say we are the best recording studio in Los Angeles. We are proud to have a 5-star rating and over 150 positive Google reviews. Whether with us for a quick session or locking us out for weeks, “Up La Brea” encourages you to explore every corner of our facility and tap into your most creative selves.


Breathtaking Power and ultimate clarity in our Diamond ROOM

Pressure makes diamonds. Designed by legendary studio architect, Kris Bently, the Diamond Room is the gem of “Up La Brea” studio and provides the finest recording experience. Open up the acrylic plated double doors to our high-quality recording space and artists’ favorite. From the diamond-shaped ceiling, customized sectional couches, and luxurious recording booth, the Diamond room is a rare recording opportunity, leaving artists with high vibrations and music hits.

  • SSL AWS 900 Super Analog Console
  • Neve 1073
  • Api 5112c
  • Vintage Pultec EQp1a
  • Vintage Pultec Meq5
  • TubeTech CL1B
  • Dual 18’ Augspurger Duo with Matched subs
  • Barefoot MM27 Mastering Grade monitors

An impeccable vocal tracking experience in the Nipsey Room

Inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle, our first room built at Up La Brea studios, ‘The Nipsey Room’ embodies Nipsey’s spirit of hard work and ingenuity. This large space is artist favorite is fully sound proof, 420-friendly, and equipped with controllable RBG lights to set the vibe for your session. The Nipsey room is a classic option for all your recording needs and a comfortable space for your guests.
  • Neve 1073
  • Api 5112c
  • TubeTech CL1B
  • Universal Audio 1176
  • Duel Genelec 8361’s with Sam Technology in  Matte White with a matched pair of subs


A calm and welcoming space for all, The Zen Room provides a tranquil place to turn to and make music. Resembling a conservatory, the down-to-earth feel of the space is perfect for singer-songwriters and instrumentalists and vocalist The Zen room is a breath of fresh air inclusive to all artists.

  • Avalon 737
  • 2 John Hardy M1 Pre Amp
  • Yamaha HS7’s with 18” sub
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8 black 2022 Quad (Fully Loaded)
First-time clients always get a discount! Enjoy recording excellence at our LA Recording Studios. Discounts for block rates over 6+ hours are available. Contact us today for info.
We are A Top Ranked Recording Studio in LA, California

So what separates Up La Brea from the rest?

There are a few reasons “Up La Brea” stands out from the rest.

We are a high-end, medium-scale boutique recording studio. Our service is delivered more sophisticated than you would have in your typical studio experience. We take great pride in the meticulousness of every step, from booking your session to the moment you leave it. We also only hire and promote from within, which helps us secure the particular individuals on our team with specific skill sets to help us execute our service promise. Our location is private, so we have complete control of our space. Our entrance/lobby is similar to that of a hotel concierge. We will make your stay the best and most memorable possible experience.
We have been in business for over 20 years. After our 2nd renovation, we were successful in maintaining our original luster. Legendary recording artists like Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, and many others have recorded and mixed platinum albums here.
In addition, we have a highly experienced staff. Every member of our team goes through a rigorous training process. Some have achieved commercial success while at Up La Brea and played a significant role in recording and mixing some amazing projects.
Here are some other reasons you should choose Up La Brea to record your next song

Most Affordable Rate

  • The most affordable rates in LA – We have the city’s best recording studio rental rates. Other studios charge more but offer less and don’t have nearly as much equipment as we do. We are a boutique recording studio, providing a focused approach to running our studios.

Newly Renovated

We have completed our second renovation. We did one in 2015 when we first took over the facility. Our most recent renovation was completed in September 2021 when we hired Ross Alexander of Synergetic Services to re-design our SSL Room. We raised the ceilings and opened the space to install Augspurger Duo 18’s flush-mounted in the walls. We upgraded the entire area. Ross is a fantastic acoustician with years of experience, so he knows how to fine-tune a room for the most accurate listening experience. The studio sounds immaculate as we have received phenomenal compliments and feedback from our clients.

Our Staff

  • Staff -Up La Brea is a recording facility owned and operated by sound engineers and music lovers. Many want the glamour of owning a studio, but very few understand how to manage one. Our experience allows us to ensure you get the best experience when recording, mixing, or mastering your song. We all know the importance of experienced staff and how it can relate to your finished track.

Our History

  • History – This hidden gem was unavailable to the public. But not anymore; we proudly celebrate 21 years in business. We have always valued our client’s relationships over the years, we celebrate our community the music, and we respect the importance of quality.

Our Quality

  • Quality – A  state-of-the-art recording studio designed and built by the top acousticians in the country.  We stay current with the leading technology and software within our industry. Technology that allows us to ensure you get the best quality possible. Recording, Mixing & Mastering is what we do and what we do the best in LA.

Our Location

  • Location -Located in LA’s famous “Studio City” in the NMB Commerce Center, a commercial district located in LA right off of Biscayne Blvd, a home location to some of the best recording compounds in the world, the most noted being Hit Factory, Criteria Recording Studios, Circle House Studios, and Up La Brea Studios. Our location is very safe, well-lit, extremely clean, and secure. We are close to all major highway ramps, minutes away from the Wynwood Art District, LA Beach, and a stone’s throw away from the Aventura Mall. We have plenty of free secured parking.

Our Facility

  • Facility -We are a private recording facility allowing us to control the atmosphere within these walls. At Up La Brea, we remain dedicated to providing our clients with a one-of-a-kind, safe and intimate experience.

So what’s next?

Don’t take our word for it! Be the first to enjoy your experience and ultimate privacy in our incredible LA facility. There is no difference in quality when renting our studios. All three of our rooms are equipped with the same powerful computers and plugins, whether you want a mix & master or a beat made by our in-house producers. The only difference is the size and design of the room.
At Up La Brea, we offer three killer studios priced to fit any budget, from independents, major labels, and corporations. Up La Brea is the most incredible LA recording studio for you to record your next project.


How much will my studio session cost?

Recording studio rental rates start at $85.00 per hour. Each studio has a set price point. Our rates have been created by considering several variables such as size, equipment room, and features.

Why do I need to record in a professional recording studio?

There are many reasons for studio recording. The most obvious reason is the construction of the studios. Most major recording studios can cost millions of dollars to design and create to achieve the best-sounding recording. Another reason is the engineers. Audio engineers are highly skilled and can provide professional recording, mixing, and mastering services that benefit your overall sound quality.

How many staff members do you have?

We have a staff of close to 30 right now, and we hold many positions at our facility. The administrative side consists of our shift leaders, interns, and the General Manager, Kayla Solano, oversees the entire studio. On the other side, we have the engineers, producers, songwriters, session musicians, and senior engineers.

Why do people want to work at Up La Brea?

Most people join our team for the opportunities. That may be as an engineer, a producer, or perhaps a business manager position. Audio Engineering is a challenging role to break into, but with the system we’ve created at Up La Brea, it can be less as long as you work hard and follow the outline for success. I spent years in the earlier portion of my career struggling to access major artists and significant opportunities; over time, I was able to do that, and those relationships and bridges now exist. The groundwork and blueprint are there, so it’s all there if you have the focus and drive.

How do you get a job at Up La Brea?

Everyone starts by entering our internship program. If interns can make the team and make the cut, the room for growth is endless. We have become very selective with who we hire, and we are most proud of the synergy that we all have. Working in our facility is one of the most important things—being around a group of like-minded people who share your vision, striving to be great and excel in their craft.

What files will I receive after my session?

Your engineer will send an mp3 of your song at the end of your session.

How can I receive my files?

You will receive your files via email. We can also transfer your files to a hard drive.

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

Mixing is a process that combines multiple sounds (The Recording) into one or more channels, polished and enhanced.
Mastering is the final process before a song is commercially released. The purpose is to balance sonic elements of a mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Getting your music mastered means your song has reached professional-sounding, polished audio standards.

What is a pre-master?

A premaster is the final mixed version of your song exported in a specific format for mastering. To get the best mastering quality, we recommend that a final mixed premaster is exported as a bit rate and depth no less than 16 bit 44.1kHz, a master volume output of -3db, no more than -10db, and no processing or plugins on the mix bus or master fader.

When should I master my song?

You should consider mastering your song when your final mix is complete and your engineer pre-masters your final mix, which means that there are no changes left to make on your mix.

What happens if I don’t take my session with me?

You will be at risk if you do not take our session after your session. We highly recommend taking your session with you after your session. If you don’t, we change a file transfer fee of $85 to send sessions.

Do you save my session on your computer?

Yes, we do, but we are not a file storage service. We are a recording studio. Things can happen, although we keep our client’s sessions on our hard drives. Hard drives fail, and things can go wrong. So we highly recommend taking your season files with you after your session. It’s your property, not ours.

Why do you end my session 15 minutes early?

We end our sessions 15 minutes early to export and email your files.

What are stems?

Stems are exports of groups of audio tracks within your session with effects or without effects.

What are multi-track exports?

Multi tracks are individual tracks of your song exported wet or dry.

What happens if I cancel my session?

If you cancel your session 24 hours before your session, we will hold your deposit for a later date. You can only reschedule your session one time. We keep the deposit if you cancel your session after the 24-hour cancellation deadline.

What happens if I’m late for my session?

We do not push sessions back for tardiness.

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